Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Whopper Hours!

Hahaha... Today the whole day, Burger King have their 'happy hours' like Jusco~
A Whopper only at RM1! But with Soft drink...
So, total up... Soft Drink+ A whopper= RM4!
Hurm... My stomach full with Whopper~
My friends 'borong' habis-habisan the whopper~
Sorang beli 3set with only RM12~ Max 3burgers for 1person~ X)
Sape x gile??? Bukan selalu Burger King wat 'Happy Hours' cam ni kan??? hakhakhak~

After eating the Whopper... Baru sedar... Me, mysefl... getting 'besar' day by day!!!
Omoooo~ How to be 'small' again???
Huhuhuhuhu... *I love food!*
Padahal... Baru 'sebat' 2bungkus nasi lemak before makan whopper~ T.T

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