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How to Cure and Prevent mouth Ulcer?

What Is Mouth Ulcer?
Mouth ulcer is also known as canker sore or apthous ulcer. It is ulcer with red rim that form inside the lips or cheeks or even tongue. They burn and tingle, especially when you eat spicy or acidic food.

Based on what I found, the process causing the sores in unknown. However, few possible causes are:

  1. When you inadvertently bite your tongue or the inside of the cheek, the wound could become an ulcer.
  2. It could be also a symptom of lacking nutrients and therefore affecting immune system.
  3. Emotionally stressed
  4. Food sensitivities may trigger ulcers too. Foods that cause this problem include acidic fruits and chocolates.

How To Cure Mouth Ulcer
Good news is that mouth ulcer rarely cause complication. Most heal naturally with time (1 to 2 weeks) without medication. The only possible complication which mouth ulcer may cause is bacterial infection. In rare cases, an infected ulcer may infect your teeth. Here are few ways to cure mouth ulcer:

  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water several times a day.
  • Chinese rely more on herbs in the treatment of cranker sores.
    • Some herbs contain tannins (tannic acid) which have wound healing properties. Calendula tea, goldenseal tea or even the regular beverage tea provide rich supply of tannis. You can gargle tea to heal the mouth ulcer.
    • Based on my personal experience, highly recommendWatermelon Frost. I used it ever since I was small. This gray powder is made from watermelon rind (the white outer layer) as the main ingredient and other Chinese medicinal materials. It has a unique curative effect.
  • watermelon-frost-for-mouth-ulcer.jpg

  • Tomatoes juice can be helpful too for the treatment of mouth ulcers.
  • You can try using brown sugar. Before you go to bed, take a pinch of brown sugar and press it into the sore. Brown sugar suck the acid out of the sore and therefore allowing it to heal.
  • When you have mouth ulcer, avoid spciy food, hot tea and coffee. Some people find that certain food such as peanut, coffee or chocolate can make them more likely to get ulcer. If you know that particular food provokes an ulcer, take note and avoid eating that food until your ulcer have completely healed.

How to Alleviate the Pain of Mouth Ulcer

  • Some over-the-counter topical gel like Bonjela (popular in the UK) andCankermelts may help reduce the pain of ulcers.
  • You can also numb the pain with ice cube. However, it will hurt initially. After a while, the pain will be numbed temporarily.
  • Another method for temporary pain relief is to gargle with mouth wash. Again, you may scream for pain at first, but it is relieving afterward. If your mouth ulcer is caused by dry mouth, alcohol-based Listerine may not be helpful. Use mouth wash specially made for dry mouth such asBiotene or Oasis.


How To Prevent Mouth Ulcer

  • If you are prone to canker sore from time to time, avoid biting or hurting the inside of your mouth. Use softer toothbrush, rectify the position of your tooth (by wearing braces) and avoid hard sharp-edged food.
  • If stress is the root cause, exercise and relaxation may be the long-term answer. Yoga is highly recommended.

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