Friday, October 22, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S~

Huh~ Baru balik from hanging out...
Today... My Mr.Pumpkin got his new 'Baby'...
Named Samsung Galaxy S...
So awesome~ *should i get one for myself???*
Very the best bak kate Mr.Pumpkin~
And definitely... He's so happy...


I pun actually x faham sgt how his new 'baby' function...
Yang i tau... I telah dimadukan... *poyo*
Ye r~ dah tentu die amat-amat la tersayang his new 'baby'...
Well... enough with the merepek...
I nak story sikit about this Samsung Galaxy S ni...

Samsung Galaxy S features:

1. Receiving a good reception :
Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimises reception quality for any type of hand grip.

2. Bright, fast, and connected :
Enjoy the best viewing experience with 4.0” SUPER AMOLED (Active - Matrix Organic Light - Emitting Diode) display. With 80% less reflection, you can watch your favourite content in broad daylight and enjoy a crisp, clear picture. And, with 1Ghz processor, 16GB internal memory, and Wireless Tethering, you have the speed, space, and access you need to stay connected wherever you roam.

3. A universe of content :
Easily source gaming content from PC and Android MarketTM, and enjoy the best picture quality. Record in HD and play it in HD right on your TV - with the phone as the remote control. Android Market is a trademark of Google, Inc.

4. Edit documents with ease
5. Turn - by - Turn Navigation

6. Text at hyperspeed with Swype

Okay~ If you nak tau lebih... Sila lah ke link ini ye~

Samsung blh cakap ade ala-ala iphone...
But... This one is much better i think~
Except that it doesn't have flash~
But other than that... ALL PERFECT!

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